Sunday, March 25, 2007
Message Board
With the new site being a blog site, do you feel there is a need to keep the message board running? If not, that sucker is coming down!

Comment away!
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Sunday, March 18, 2007
We're Back
Hello! We are back from recording our 3rd album, The Violent Years. We have been done for a few weeks actually. We have to go back to finish lead vocals and extra instrumentation but the basic songs are done and are sounding awesomer with each listen. We tracked 15 songs during the session and some of those include "The Lonely Ones", "Never Seen By Waking Eyes", and "For The Cursed".

As you have probably heard, Tony Scambony has moved to Virginia Beach, VA to pursue his tattoo career. He is still in the band in case you have heard otherwise. Our friend Samoan Rob (Crowd Deterrent) is filling in for us on live dates and his debut will be on April 11 at Bernie's in Columbus so come out and show him you aren't afraid of him.

Also, keep checking back with us because we have something pretty cool for you guys. It's a pretty cool idea we have and we wanna see how it works out.

It's good to back and we will see you soon.

PS- This is a blog site so you can leave us comments
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